Chartering a Boat in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea – A Perfect Holiday Escape

Chartering a boat is one of the best holiday experiences that you will ever have. When you leave the dock and travel out onto the deep blue ocean, you will be filled with excitement and happiness. Two of the most idyllic places for sailing are the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. Both offer some exception and unique experiences and will result in a perfect holiday. Below you will find specific details on how to charter a boat, what to look for, and how to avoid the common mistakes.

What are your options

There are a range of options for chartering a boat. Some of the main things to consider are:

· Captain or bareboat: With the first option you have a full crew to look after yourself and your guests (great if you want to relax and watch the scenery as you slowly pass by). Also it is a great option if the weather picks up as you are with very experienced sailors. The second option is where you skipper the boat. You have a lot more freedom and can do as you wish. However, you do require relevant licenses to skipper the boat and it pays to be very experienced. Budget Boat

· What type of boat: There are so many options available that it is often hard to know where to start. The main options are mono hull boats, catamarans, motor boats and luxury yachts. A mono hull provides a more traditional experience while a catamaran provides my cabin space. A motor boat offers speed, while a luxury yacht (if you can afford it of course) offers an experience like no other. To choose a boat you first need to plan what type of trip you would like and then what budget you have. A chartering company can help you with all of the specifics.

· Do you require a license: This depends on the location and what you are planning to do. Always check with your company first. You don’t want to arrive at the dock only to find that you don’t have the relevant qualifications to get on the helm of the boat. That would be a holiday dampener!

· Where do you go: There are some great sailing and boating destinations around the world. One of the most popular is of course the Mediterranean and the Adriatic seas. Good weather, great sailing conditions, stunning scenery and phenomenal food all add up to make it world class. One of the best parts of the Mediterranean is Croatia. If you are looking for stunning scenery and great food, then this is the place to sail. As an added bonus it isn’t overly touristy – so you can still have an adventure.

· How do you organize your yacht experience: There is a range of ways to do this. You can approach an individual boat owner; go online to search for chartering companies or go timeshare on a boat. One of the best ways is to approach a local yacht chartering company. These companies have local experiences as well as access to a variety of boats and owners. This gives you a good price along with the security of a large organization looking after you.


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