Earning a Technology Degree Online

An Overview of Technology Distance Education

One of the more in-demand degrees today is in the field of technology and IT, and the variety of college and university programs on the internet have made it easier to earn a technology degree online. In fact, some the institutions are strictly technology oriented schools. You can be certified, or you can go for a bachelor’s, masters, or even a doctorate degree in technology online at a variety of online colleges and universities.

Earning a Technology degree online will help you build a detailed understanding of the functions and processes of code development, computer design, and programming methods. Students enrolled in Technology degree programs online can expect to improve their communication skills, critical thinking, and their technical competency within the workplace through both case analysis studies and hands-on experience.

Career Possibilities

New career opportunities in computer-related sciences and information technology are opening up all the time in the job market, not just in the US, but internationally as well. Just as there is a broad array of career paths in computers and technology to select from, there are just as many certificate and degree programs offered online. Whether you’re endeavouring to start a new career or just further your current career, there are numerous accredited Technology degrees available online.

The following list (though far from complete) reflects a small sample of the career technology areas:


  • Applications Programming
  • Communications
  • Computer Design
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Mining
  • Data Storage
  • Database Administration
  • Database Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Game Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Information Systems
  • Networks
  • Network Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Telecommunications
  • Web Development


Top-Rated Technology Distance Education Programs

The wide array of computer science and information technology degree programs available online today is literally staggering. The following is a list of the six most sought after programs in the Technology distance education arena:

Online Degrees in Graphics and Multimedia:


  • game design
  • graphics and multimedia


Online Degrees in Information Systems Operation and Management:


  • information assurance
  • information systems
  • information systems security
  • information technology
  • technical management
  • vendor certifications


Online Degrees in Networking:


  • computer networking
  • network administration
  • network security
  • telecommunications


Online Degrees in Programming and Software Development:


  • computer and software engineering
  • computer programming
  • computer science


Online Degrees in Training and Support: gps tracker


  • technical writing


Online Degrees in Web Design and Internet:


  • internet technologies
  • web design
  • web development


Reasons for Technology Distance Education Popularity

Certificate and degree programs in the field of technology are among some of the most popular offered online today for three key reasons:


  • Online classrooms offered in technology distance education are ideal because they offer interactive media in a computer-based curriculum



  • Best-practices, standards, and technology platforms oftentimes change quickly and technology distance education materials have been designed to be updated continually in order to enable the student to stay ahead of the learning curve



  • Career opportunities and technology specializations are continually expanding their focus and accredited colleges and universities now offer the most comprehensive array of certificate and degree programs available

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