How to Complete a Reverse Cell Phone Number Search

If you have the number of a cellular telephone and you don’t know the name and/or address of the owner of that number, then you will need to do a reverse cell phone number search. This type of search works in the reverse way to a standard phone number search. You enter the phone number into the search box and you can then access a large private database which has information on cell phone owners and can return to you the required information. I have provided a link to this search facility at the bottom of this article. reverse number lookup

At this point, many people are probably thinking “Why a private database? I want free public access to this information!” This is a reasonable question because it is possible to do such a search on a landline number for free on a website like White Pages. The reason is because a landline, or fixed, number is automatically part of the public domain, unless the phone subscriber pays a surcharge to have their number removed from such a public directory. The opposite it true of cellular telephone numbers and this makes a reverse cell phone number search a very different thing.

When it comes to cellular telephone numbers, phone owners generally do not want their cellular telephone number to be publicly available because they have to pay for incoming calls. They are also aware that they would very quickly become targets of telemarketers and would have their precious cell minutes wasted with useless calls. For this reason there has never been a public directory or phone book for cellular telephone numbers.

The need for being able to do a reverse cell phone search has been addressed by private enterprise. These companies enter into agreements with telephone companies and mobile carriers to obtain access to their databases which they then compile into one large database. The service is not free, but is of such a reasonable cost as to make it accessible to everyone. By charging for a service, these private enterprises receive remuneration for their costly and time consuming work, as well as complying with the requirement that such information can not be made freely available to the public.


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