Hair Replacement Systems and Products

If you are suffering from pattern baldness then do not despair as there are some great hair replacement systems out there that work wonders in making your hair look healthy and full once more. These replacement techniques are divided into two broad categories known as stereoscopic follicular uni transplantation, or hair replacement surgery, and hair replacement products such as wigs or toupees. Depending on your situation, one of these techniques will be better suited than the other. For people who are not fond of surgery, then hair replacement products are probably the way to go.

Hair transplantation surgery is a procedure that involves moving healthy hair follicles from one part of your scalp to an area where hair has ceased to grow. These newly moved follicles will continue to grow in their new location leading to natural, healthy looking hair. This procedure is relatively new so ensure that you have it performed by a qualified professional so that the surgery is done correctly. Not all people will be suited to this type of surgery so be sure to get a professional opinion before diving in. Another great thing about this type of hair restoration surgery is that you do not have to wait until you are completely bald to have the surgery performed. hair system 

Another way to combat baldness is with the use of hair replacement products. Although some of these products can be great, keep in mind that they might require high maintenance and could come with large costs. One danger to watch out for if you are using these types of products is exposure to excessive sweat or water as these liquids can reduce the bonds that keep your hair replacement product securely on your head. There are some adhesives out there such as cyanoacrylate glue that will stand up to water exposure so if you like to go swimming, then try to find a product such as this.

The cost of these products can vary depending on the quality and type of hair that you purchase to use as a replacement. Normally synthetic hair is around $1200 whereas a custom made toupee or wig can be as much as $1600. If you realize that this is the cost then purchasing a hair replacement product will be a lot easier to do.


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