How Music Can Help Your Mind Functioning

Have you ever wondered about the fact that music is not only the matter of playing instruments and following the beats, it is about our mind perception and thinking?

Well it may be a difficult thing to explain but music is just the result of our mind efforts. you can still even thing of it that you listen music from your ears and you feel like it is all that is making your ears feel better but what I think is that music from its making to listening is just the result of our mind functioning. Baby Breeze

When a musician wants to generate a tune that shall leave an ever lasting impression on the people who will be listening to it in future, he tries to put his all efforts by thinking. And it is not only the musicians; you might be one of the persons who try to sing the songs on behalf of the tunes that your mind is thinking of.

When musicians think deeply and put their heart and mind together to think for making a love ballad, then the music comes out which is soul touching and makes you feel like you are the one for whom they had created the song. And when you think like that this song is made for you then again it is your mind who thinks like this. But why the music affects our senses. It is just because music is the source of relaxing mind and body by removing stress.

When we listen to any song, we start to imagine our self in the lyrics dancing and roaming in the beautiful places. It happens because music and lyrics are very beautiful and the one thing you like that is the reason that your mind start to act according to the music you play. There are some music and songs that you like the most and you hear them over and over again. So your mind receptors create the addiction of the beats of the music and that is why you want to hear it again and again. These are the true facts about how the music can help your mind functions.

It was an old saying that infant babies who react when music is played to them are more intelligent than those who do not react. It is just because the fact that music is creativity of mind and brains react at once when they hear music from ears. Listening music can make your work better. I have met some students who used to say that when they listen to music it becomes easier for them to solve the mathematical questions. It is because the fact that music relax their mind and reduce the level of stress and tension from their mind and they do not feel burden in doing their mathematics practice. Some people like me even study the theoretical subjects along with music playing.

Music also affects our emotional sites because when your mind feels happy, you play loud and when you are missing some one then you try to play soft romantic songs because it depends how we imagine our self in the playing song. So music is always supporting and enhancing your mind activities in this way music helps your mind functions to improve.

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