How to Get High Quality Vending Machine Locations For Free!

Locating your vending machines for free? In this article you will discover the most important step you can take to get free vending locations for your soda machine, snack machine, bulk candy machine etc. Often the excitement of owning a vending machine business wears off quickly when a new vendor tries to get quality vending locations for his or her vending equipment.

Facing repeated rejections when proposing placing vending machines at local businesses can deter even the most assertive vending machine business owner. As a vendor you need to place yourself in the shoes of the person who would be providing you a vending location.

Like most people he or she is asking themselves “What’s in it for me.”

“Why should I give this person a vending location and let them run they’re vending machine business out of my store where I pay rent, utilities, insurance etc.” Also, in the case of a soda machine or snack machine, you are asking to use the businesses electricity to sell your products to his customers and employees.

So, in most cases you are going to have to offer a commission. And that can be anywhere from 20%-30% or even more to place your vending machine there.

There’s got to be a better way and there is. It’s called charity vending. A highly effective method of getting quality vending locations while minimizing if not completely sidestepping any commissions you have to pay. This method has been used by bulk vending machine vendors with great success for many decades.

Here’s how it works. Simply connect with a well known charity and pledge a certain percentage of your profits from your vending locations on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Of course you can choose any organization near and dear to your heart.However, it’s best to pick something that is nationally known and has a universal, highly emotional appeal. The Cancer Society, Missing Children, Breast Cancer Research or MADD are all good candidates.

Contact them and tell them of your intentions of setting up a monthly pledge from your vending machine business in the amount you agree upon. This will certainly be far less than the commissions you would be paying at all of your vending locations.

Most charities will be more than happy to accommodate you and can even set you up on an automatic monthly billing. Many actually have a vending outreach program that will provide you with a sticker that you can attach to your vending machines to verify your donor status. vending solutions

Any good cause will do just make sure this is a legitimate pledge you are making. Now, when you approach the merchant you are not just asking them to run your vending machine business out of their store.

You will be saying something like this.”My name is________. I am working with_______ charity which does_______ and ______ in the community. I am just asking to locate a free soda machine, snack machine, etc. here for your employees or customers.”

Do you see the difference in this emotional, human appeal. People are basically good and want to help other people. These merchants often will not demand or require any commissions. Of course the free you are referring to is the free service you will be providing them.

Be certain not to infer in any way that you are a representative of _______ but, you are a vending machine business owner working together with a charity raising funds.

Think of how win-win this vending locating method is.

1. The vending location you are approaching gets a free service knowing they are helping a good cause. 2. The organization now has a new monthly donor they would otherwise not have. And… 3. You the vending machine business owner can receive a far more accepting response from the vending locations you are targeting.Often without paying commissions.

Try the charity vending method. You’ll be amazed at how it works wonders to open doors for you and minimizes or eliminates the commissions you would normally pay at your vending locations.


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