How to Market Your Company With Outdoor Posters

Outdoor posters can capture the attention of your customers for either your company or event, creating a lasting brand impression. However, there are a few strategies to keep in mind in order to ensure that your outdoor poster marketing endeavors are successful.

Location, Location, Location

The location of where you choose to hang your outdoor posters is a critical component of your marketing strategy. The appropriate location is best determined by your target audience. For instance, you could use outdoor posters on your storefront to attract the attention of foot traffic. Or if you own a textbook store, you could also hang up posters on and around a university campus. In deciding where to hang your outdoor posters, look for places where your target demographic would frequent. outdoor poster holder

In addition, consider locations where you would have a “captive” audience. While placing a poster in one area may generate great amounts of traffic, people may be moving by too quickly to read what it says. A smaller, more confined area where they have to wait, such as at a bus stop, may have less traffic, but the poster will be read more frequently and attentively.

In addition, you will want to look into laws regarding hanging outdoor posters in your city. You do not want to violate a law, which would result in your outdoor posters being taken down or fined.

The Right Timing

Another important strategy to consider when using your outdoor posters is the timing of when you hang them. In this scenario, you will again need to consider your target demographic. If your demographic is tourists, for example, you may not find poster marketing effective during the winter months when there are fewer tourists in the city; alternatively, the same outdoor posters may be very successful in the summer. If you are placing up posters for an event, make sure that you do so far enough ahead of time to generate interest.

Tuning Your Pitch

What pitch will appeal the most to your target demographic? Because people are bombarded by information on a daily basis, they tend to tune out many things that are not directly targeted to them. Therefore, you need to create a pitch that will appeal to your target demographic without coming across as being yet another advertisement.

Along similar lines, you will want to consider branding your company in a way that is recognizable. The more widely recognized your brand is, the more effective your advertising will be. Make sure your poster reflects the core branding strategy of your company.

The Competition

It is important to remember that you will not be the only marketer using outdoor posters. Look and see what your competitors are doing and strive to create a poster campaign that stands out from them. From there, you will need to be competitive – post enough posters so that your brand gets recognition above any competitors that you might have. Even if some of your posters get covered up or torn down, having enough of them up will allow you to guarantee some face time with your target demographic.

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