It’s All About Baby Food

One of the most important components in the growth and development of your baby is baby food. In the beginning, the question of what to feed your baby is very simple – either breast milk or formula. As any professional will tell you, the best form of baby milk is mother’s milk, but if for any reason this is not possible, baby formula is available for nourishing your baby.

But as your baby gets older, they will start to need solid food. And that is when the fun starts. The questions that you are most likely to ask are:


  • When do we start giving a baby solids?
  • Which baby foods do we start with?
  • What is better – baby food jars or homemade baby food?


Let’s look at each of these issues and see how to give your baby a healthy start to real food.

When Do We Start With Solid Baby Foods?

As a baby is born with an open gut, it is vitally important to only provide a baby with solid foods when they are old enough to digest them. Forcing a baby to eat solids too early can affect their digestion, cause stomach problems, and even lead to allergies. russian store

As we know, each baby has their own personal rate of development, and some may become ready earlier than others. These days, most medical authorities believe that the very earliest that an infant should receive solid baby food is four months. However, many health professionals will advise you to wait until six months. As this is all very individual, when you want to start giving your baby solids you should ask your healthcare professional first if they think that your baby is ready. At any rate, you don’t start the process of complete baby weaning until the infant is on a full diet of solids.

Signs that your baby may be ready for solids include: never being satisfied anymore with formula or breast milk but always wanting more, starting to wake up in the night again for extra feeds after having gotten used to sleeping through the night, showing an interest in the food on your plate, opening their mouth when offered a spoon, and the ability to sit upright when supported.

Which Baby Foods to Start With

Now that you think your baby is ready for solids, you still won’t be giving them their first Big Mac for quite a while!

You must start off simple, introducing each food one by one. First foods are usually “finger foods.” Baby food should never become an issue. Let your baby enjoy their first experiences of solids. Although you will be spooning the food into their mouth at first, let the baby paddle their fingers into what’s on the plate. Eventually the baby will become brave enough to take the spoon from you and try to eat independently. Don’t be afraid of the mess. This is all part of the process of learning to eat like a grownup as opposed to a dependent baby. Just have plenty of bibs lying around and change the baby’s clothes after a meal!


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