Stunning Noriko Wigs

The attractive selection of Noriko Wigs is a major offering from the notable women’s, men and children’s wig manufacturer, Rene of Paris, whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. The inventive Noriko Wig Collection was first introduced in 1995 with the philosophy of creating a line of ready-to-wear wigs that when viewed from any direction would look natural, as well as offering a selection of distinct styles for the many different face shapes of today’s women. More than fifteen years have passed since Noriko wigs were first unveiled to the wig loving public. During that time their cap constructions, styles and color offering have adapted to meet the needs of their clients. Simply put: Noriko wigs are distinctively styled and carefully crafted.

Currently you can shop the Noriko Collection for the most recent selection of synthetic wig styles ranging from hair enhancers to monofilament wigs. Finding a Noriko wig style just right for you is made straightforward with such a broad range of looks from the classic to their sleek, contemporary cuts. Noriko uses only the highest quality materials available when creating each wig style guaranteeing the buyer a lovely look along with quality craftsmanship behind each product.

The way the cap is constructed makes a big difference in not only the wearer’s comfort and styling options, but also in how realistic. Available in a number of of Noriko wigs styles, the monofilament, hand tied top adds movement while creating the illusion of natural hair growth at the crown. Mono tops also allow the wearer to part her hair on either side or down the middle. Monofilament wigs usually cost more than Noriko’s traditional lightweight and breathable cap construction wigs, but many women feel it’s well worth the extra money.

In addition, the Noriko Wigs Collection features colors ranging from their traditional natural airbrush colors and their Gradient colors with a unique fiber technology featuring multi-tones on a single strand that adds natural looking depth and body for a distinct and current look, to their Hybrant Shade colors with highlights and Hybrant Root colors which offer softly shadowed roots with Hyrbrant shade colors. If you decide to purchase a Noriko wig online, it is recommended to purchase a Rene of Paris color ring to get a better sense of the color you want. Wigs color swatches can look far different on your computer monitor, than when you see the actual wig. Deciding on a color can be made less difficult when color rings are utilized.

A customer service friendly site can make all the difference in your shopping experience whether you are a shrewd online wig purchaser or a newbie. There are Stores online that may overwhelm you with their special coupons, “members only” special prices, and other enticements that may or may not save you money in the longer term. Other sites online show what would seem the lowest price, but when you actually get to the checkout page, you find you have to pay high shipping fees. is a stylish Online wig shop with exceptionally helpful customer service personnel and a policy that simply states: lowest price guarantee and FREE shipping anywhere within the continental US. Check out their web site and their lowest price guarantee.

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