The Positives and Negatives of Online Banner Printing

When the internet “began” to be commercialized in the mid 1990s, online purchasing, including the purchasing of banner printing online, gained unbelievable strength in the past couple of decades. So much strength that many firms have exploded or gone down in flames – or both – in without a doubt the most outstanding advance in consumer purchasing since the arrival of radio and television marketing.

Online Banner Printing Industry

In my industry, online banner printing actually became popular around 2005, and a few companies were responsible for the subsequent pricing declines that still exist in the online banner market now. But are consumers lives improved by having gotten much lower pricing? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 2m banners

Here is an example. On July 19, 2011, Borders Bookstores made an announcement that they were closing almost all the Borders stores due to the fact that too many customers entered Borders, perused books, went home, and bought them online at cheaper at or downloaded books onto their personal devices, where they could read it whenever they determined to – at the push of a button.

Borders, however, was sluggish to adjust to the internet, and went down in flames as a result. My question remains, are we healthier as consumers for being able to acquire cheaper downloadable books? Perhaps. Perhaps not. We’ll know in time.

The First Printing Business I Managed

The banner and sign printing business I was the manager of launched our first website in 1998, among the first online banner and sign printing enterprises to do. I was completely awed with how effortlessly shoppers could find our sign company out west, even from Miami, Chicago, or New York City, on the worldwide web.

We were the very first sign and banner making company on a brand new search engine named Yahoo! in 1998, and among the first 500 companies to actually be listed on Yahoo! We didn’t really know what we had at that moment.

In 2000, I pushed on the company owner (I was the general manager) to focus a great deal of money, energy, and time to learn how to harness the power of the internet. It was the wave of the future, I told him. I got a cool response (note: the owner was also my Father, so Dads, listen up… your son may, occasionally, have some very good ideas – you might need to listen to them!).

Ultimately, in 2003, I left Dad’s company, and jumped into the wild and woolly online marketing world, selling signs, displays, decals, etc. While we’ve done very well online, we’ve also observed some negatives regarding online shopping, although those mostly have to do with particular unidentified companies, and not so much the web itself.

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